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Reservation Form

31st Street SDA Church Member
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I have checked with the these Departments if this event takes place during Sabbath School or Church Service
Please check the facilities you desire to use:
Please check equipment needed

I, the undersigned, accept full responsibility for the conduct of my party while engaged in the activity. All conduct will be consistent with Christian principles. I am prepared to make good property damages incurred by my party

Note: General building cleanup will be the responsibility of the person or department sponsoring the program. Clean up should be completed by lock up time or by arrangement with the Head Deacon. If cleaning is not done as required, your department will be assessed $100. Private individuals will forfeit their deposit.

See Facility Utilization Fee Schedule (Attachment “A”) for total cost of renting the facility for members and non-members.

Thank you for your request. A member of our team will follow up with you regarding your reservation request.

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