1. We are Christians of the Body of Christ who are in love with Jesus and other Members of His Body.

  2. We are a Movement in the Seventh-day Adventist Denomination, that places great emphasis on Social Justice for all; regardless of race, ethnic origins, or socio-economic status.

  3. We are committed to Service Ministry by advocating for others through Social Empowerment including Debt Counseling, assisting others through completing their GPAs, and Health Counseling including diet and healthy living.

  4. We believe in serving others through Fiscal Empowerment which to includes budgeting and tithing, which as a Biblical principle helps inspire all to return one-tenth of their profits to their favorite Charity or Church.

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Shelton E. Kilby III, D.Min.

Pastor Shelton E. Kilby III is a pianist, composer - arranger, lecturer, and ordained minister of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  His Ministerial Service includes:

  • Pastorships: Southeastern California Conference; Southwest Region Conference; and South Central Conference.

  • Departmental Directorships: Sabbath School; Communication; and Music.

  • Conference Administrator: Southwest Region Conference of SDA’s as Executive Secretary.

  • Tele-Evangelistic Music Director: Breath of Life Television Ministries with Dr. C. D. Brooks, as Director.

  • Professorships and Online Instruction: Pastor Kilby’s ministry also includes teaching at the following institutions: Wilberforce University (the Nation’s first Black University); United Theological Seminary; and HMS Richards Divinity School – La Sierra University. 

  • Pastor Kilby is a graduate of Claremont School of Theology.

  • Currently: Pastor Kilby serves as the Senior Pastor of the 31st Street Seventh-day Church in San Diego, California.

Staff and Volunteers


Belinda Williamson

My name is Belinda Williamson. I currently serve in the position of Head Elder. Having ministered in a variety of roles at the 31st Street Church through the years, my love for people and community ministry remain firm. I look forward to serving you

Head Deacon



My name is Ollie Hardin, I serve as the Head Deacon. With my background of service for over 20 years at 31st Street church and my skills as builder, contractor, and electrician, I look forward to serving you.

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My name is Cindi Richardson, I serve as the Church Administrator. With my extensive training and background in Finance and a deep history of working with non-profit organizations, I look forward to serving you.

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My name is Sheryl Freitas. I have been the Office Administrator at 31st Street for over 20 years while serving as the Leader of a variety of church departments. With my passion for ministry and my deep roots with our church, I am looking forward to serving you.