Food Distribution

During the COVID pandemic we have adapted the Sabbath lunches, which would normally occur right after our church services, into a drive-thru meal distribution. We are also offering home meal delivery for those who are sick or shut-in. 


The culinary ministry is dedicated to sharing God's love through good and nutritious food, enabling our minds and bodies to be healthy. As in the days of the apostles, our Deacons are responsible for delivering the food to the sick and shut-in and providing for the needs of the congregation. 

Prayer Ministry

Whether it is this or any other crisis in your life, the Prayer Warriors stand ready to lift up daily your needs and requests before God. Whether it is for health, family, finances, job situations, or for emotional, spiritual, or physical needs – all will be lifted up to God on your behalf.

The prayer requests can be anonymous (we have a prayer box in the foyer) on behalf of someone else. Your requests can be sent only to the Prayer Warriors, or to the wider circle of the church for prayer if you desire. We would be delighted to pray for you.



Our Pathfinder Club is focused on the cultural, social and religious education of children and teens. Boys and Girls 10 years and up are eligible to be members of the club. Though similar in many respects to Scouts, Pathfinders  has a much stronger spiritual emphasis with activities that include action, adventure, camping, learning new skills and mastering new hobbies.

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Men's Ministry

Men’s Ministries has emerged to support men in their roles as husbands, fathers, and committed Christians. Men’s Ministries events leave a lasting impression on the men who attend. Men leave with a stronger commitment to God, a stronger dedication to their families, and higher dedication to share their faith with others. Embrace this ministry and by the power of God watch the men who have been on the margin come into the mainstream of church life.


Women's Ministry

Women’s Ministry exists as a wide open door opportunity for spiritual renewal and personal growth in Christ. It is instrumental in advocating women’s needs and concerns, and is a network for all women who wish to use their talents for developing the gifts that God has given them to share with others, to energize their walk with God, and to strengthen their witness for Him.

Youth Ministry

We recognize that it takes a village to raise a child of God. Therefore, we're always looking to create a safety net of care and concern with the other departments and ministries in the church that intersect and impact the lives of the Youth and Young Adults at 31st Street Church.


With many loving hands and a thousand tender touches, our aim is to educate and impress the minds, while forging the characters of the next generation, in the hope that the Young People will choose to pick up the cross and follow Christ.

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Contact Us

  • To Receive: If you would like to receive Food Distribution, submit a Prayer Request, or contact any of our other Ministries, we would be delighted to hear from you.

  • To Volunteer: If you would like to get involved, serve and volunteer your time, we would be delighted to work with you. 

  • To Participate: If you would like to join our Worship Services or any of our small groups, we would be delighted to have you.

  • To Join: If you would like to join our community of Faith, either by baptism or transfer of membership, we would be delighted to welcome you.