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The Church on the Move Youth Department invites you out to our “Broken Roof” services.  Come out as we deal with the topics of “Pain, Suffering and Depression.” Through the use of various art forms and the participation of multiple age groups within the church, we’ll explore the realities and challenges of staying emotionally healthy, Be of good courage; we’ve got some practical tips, some sound information and a word from God, lead by Elder Anthony Drummond


The Youth Department has the primary mechanism through which the church works for and through the youth. This department was organized with the objectives to give leadership training, provide resource materials and evangelistic plans for the youth in the church, recruit youth to help with church organization, youth activities and events, and to work with youth who are not of our faith.


In seeking to reach these objectives the youth are called upon to:

1. Pray together.

2. Study the word together.

3. Fellowship together in Christian social interaction.

4. Act together in small groups to carry out well-laid plans for witnessing.

5. Develop tact and skill and talent in the Master’s service.

6. Encourage one another in spiritual growth.


The Youth Department consists of the following areas:


1. Adventist Youth Association (AYA), which plans and conducts regular AYA programs and activities.

2. Children’s Ministry, which includes Child Care Ministry, and conducts Children’s Church Services, Child Care Sessions during Sabbath worship and Evangelistic efforts; and is responsible for Lower Division Sabbath School classes (Cradle Roll, Kindergarten, Primary Division, Juniors, Early Teen, and Youth).

3. Pathfinder Department, which includes the Pathfinder Club and the Adventurer Club.

4. Athletic Department, which develops and promotes athletic activities and events, including tournaments and team competitions with other  churches.