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     The work of the Church Treasurer, the official finance officer for the congregation, is sometimes not recognized as a ministry because it is done behind the scenes. Nevertheless, it is a specialized, vital ministry in which the treasurer exercises his or her spiritual gifts. The whole congregation benefits indirectly from the work of the treasurer. In Ezra, Chapter 8, we read of how Ezra appointed guardians for the funds given for the work in Jerusalem, to whom he commanded, “Ye are holy unto the Lord; the vessels are holy also; and the silver and the gold are a freewill offering unto the Lord God of your fathers.” (Ezra 8:28).


     The treasurer is a member of the congregation with business skills and is elected to the important responsibility of Church Treasurer. The treasurer is the custodian of all church funds, which include: (1) designated Conference funds; (2) local church funds received/disbursed/saved and/or invested; and (3) funds belonging to the auxiliary organizations of the local church.


     The treasurer should always remember that information about individual members is strictly confidential. The treasurer (as well as the treasury team) should be careful never to comment on the giving contributions (tithe/offering/etc.) of any member, the income or anything concerning it, except as necessary to those who share the responsibility of this work. The treasurer and treasury team members receive the tithes and offerings, tally the receipts, post receipts on the church ledger, and deposit the receipts in an account under the name of the local church according to the requirements of national and local law.


     The Church Treasurer is responsible for: preparing monthly financial statements; maintaining the church books at a current level; distributing funds designated to go to the Conference, Union, or General Conference; writing checks for church expenses; issuing year-end receipts, as needed; cooperating with church programs; and responding to financial audits/inquiries conducted by the Conference.


     The primary role and responsibilities of the Finance Committee are to: aid and assist the Church Treasurer in the management ofall church funds, and the preparation and reconciliation of monthly church financialstatements; aid the Church Board inestablishing and maintaining a church budget, and seeing to it that the church stays within the voted budget. Additionally, theFinance Committee receives anddispositions departmental requests for funds, while maintaining accountability of churchsavings and investment accounts.

     The Finance Committee Chairperson conducts regularly scheduled monthly meetings; and Finance Committee members must be faithful stewards, maintain confidentiality, have behavior beyond reproach, cooperate with church programs, and attend regularly scheduled monthly meetings.