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The rich heritage of music has been recorded for us from ancient times. Both voices and instruments were used to express the full range of human emotions. Even the brief glimpse we have of what takes place in the heavenly courts often includes a description of the music there. The history of the songs of the Bible is full of suggestions as to the uses and benefits of music and song, and rightly employed, music is a precious gift of God, designed to uplift the thoughts to high and noble themes, to inspire and elevate the soul. Music can be praise to the Lord, convey our thanks to God, be joyful, be a prayer for forgiveness or a petition for help when trials threaten to overwhelm, and it can be a medium to weld a diverse group of people into one accord.


The Minister of Music is responsible for the planning and arranging for an effective music ministry of the church, ensuring that musical considerations in worship services are addressed. This ministry includes making arrangements for organists, pianists, choirs, special music, and other instrumentalists needed for Divine worship/evangelistic services. Within the church organizational structure, the Church Musicians, Church Choirs, and the Praise Team function under the auspices of the Minister of Music.


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