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Men’s Ministry is a spiritual ministry designed to motivate and activate men to become fishers of men and role models for the family and Jesus Christ.

Mission: “Galvanize the energy and resources of men for God, family, church, and community.”


Vision: “Men who love and have committed their energy and resources to God, family, church, and community.”


Men’s Ministries has emerged to support men in their roles as husbands, fathers, and committed Christians. Men’s Ministries events leave a lasting impression on the men who attend. Men leave with a stronger commitment to God, a stronger dedication to their families, and higher dedication to share their faith with others. Embrace this ministry and by the power of God watch the men who have been on the margin come into the mainstream of church life.


Eleven Important Needs of Men

1. Men need action.

2. Men need safety.

3. Men need to be challenged.

4. Men need to get to the point.

5. Men need to win.

6. Men need to dream.

7. Men need other men like them.

8. Men need balance in their lives.

9. Men need healing.

10. Men need freedom.


*Adapted from Men’s Ministry by Steve Sonderman

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