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The strength of the church is based in the spiritual life of its members and fami­lies. God expects families to have mutually satisfying relationships. (Mal, 4:6). He desires that husbands and wives experience unity (Matt. 19:5, 6); and that parents do not exasperate their children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord. (Eph. 6:4). The family is probably the best illustration God has of what He is like. A family that is spiritually healthy will manifest characteristics of humility, patience, hope, and loving acceptance. The guiding principles of the Bible direct that Christians nurture the spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs of the individuals, couples and families who constitute the fabric of fellowship in the church.


The Family Ministry Leader, and his or her team, ministers to a target audience with a variety of family life needs, and must be able to maintain utmost confidentiality about family matters and know how to refer critical situations for appropriate/expert care.


The Family Ministry Department, which includes the Young Adult Ministry, Marriage Ministry, Men’s Ministry, and Women’s Ministry, assess the needs of families in the congregation and community which establishes the basis for the planning, development, and carrying out of family life programs.




Men’s Ministry is a spiritual ministry designed to motivate and activate men to become fishers of men and role models for the family and Jesus Christ.

Women’s Ministry exists as a wide open door opportunity for spiritual renewal and personal growth in Christ. It is instrumental in advocating women’s needs and concerns, and is a network for all women who wish to use their talents for developing the gift that God has given them to share with others, to energize their walk with God, and to strengthen their witness for Him.


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Marriage Ministry exists to provide resources, training, and networking opportunities for those working to strengthen or rebuild marriages.