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The Executive Church Board is composed of the principal officers of the church. It has a number of important responsibilities, but its primary concern is the spiritual nature of the church and the work of planning and fostering evangelism in all of its phases.


The great commission of Jesus makes evangelism, proclaiming the good news of the gospel, the primary function of the church (Matt.28:10-20). It is therefore also the primary function of the church board to serve as the chief committee of the local church. When the board devotes its first interest and highest energies to every-member evangelism, most church problems are alleviated or prevented. A strong, positive influence is felt in the spiritual life and growth of the membership. Included in church executive board responsibilities are:


1. Spiritual nurture and evangelism in all of its phases

2. Maintenance of doctrinal purity and church policy

3. Upholding Christian standards in all transactions of the board

4. Recommending changes in church membership

5. Carrying on the work of the Nominating Committee in administering the list of Church Officers

6. Church budgets and financesProtection and care of church properties

7. Coordination of outreach programs and the work of church departments

8. Church calendar event planning

9. Maintaining discretion in addressing church business in all of its phases