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     The Education ministry is for promoting Christian education and recruit­ing students for Adventist schools. Adventist schools have been established under the direction of the Lord, "And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy chil­dren," (Isaiah 54:13). It has always been God's purpose to educate his children in a climate consistent with His will. Adventists operate a school system to provide children and youth with a balanced physical, mental, spiritual, social, and vocational education, with God as the source of all moral value and truth.

     Home and School Representatives and School Board Representatives assist the Educational Director in this ministry which is responsible for: regular promotion of Christian education; maintaining contact with students from the church who attend Seventh-Day Adventist or other schools away from home; representing the church at Seventh-Day Adventist Academy school board sessions; coordinating with school administrators, families and church leaders as necessary to address educational and school administrative concerns; raise, manage and equitably disburse funds in support of Christian education/student scholarships.