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Communications is central to every aspect of the church structure. The primary role in of the Communications Department is to ensure that members are kept informed and the church is properly represented to the public in the news media, public relations and advertising.


The following areas encompass the ministry of the Communications Department:


1. Media Spokesperson: Raise public awareness of our church, its members, its mis­sion, and its message; work to get church activities and events noted in the press, radio, and television media.


2. Public Relations: Ensure that the church is identified by an exterior sign appropriate to the building’s architecture; and church appearance problems are addressed. Arrange for proper church identification public listings/directories; and lead in the planning for representation in parades and exhibits at fairs or other events.


3. Church Newsletter: Prepare/arrange for publication of church newsletters/news reports, either through hard copy or web-based/electronic media. This is a powerful tool for Evangelism and to help keep the church family informed of information, people and activities.


4. Advertisement and Promotion: Work with church officers, and other outreach ministries to strategically promote attendance to church programs and Evangelism campaigns. This includes assisting with the creation of brochures, posters, mailings, and other promotional materials and advertisements.


5. Audio/Visual Ministry: Ensure that proper provisions and support are provided/made available for the audio and visual needs of church for programs, activities, and ministry efforts.


6. Power Point Team: The Power Point team’s primary responsibility is to provide graphic presentations for the Sabbath worship services.


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