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     The primary role and responsibility of the Administrative Council is to manage the administrative activities/obligations of the church, including: legal, safety and risk management issues concerning church properties and transactions; development of church policy; employment and subcontract administration; facility maintenance and upkeep; and disposition of church usage/rental requests. The Administrative Council Chairperson conducts regularly scheduled monthly meetings to which council members are to attend.

 The primary role and responsibility of the BuildingCommittee is to manage theplanning, fund raising, saleand/or acquisition of church real estate (land and structural) properties. Organizationally, the Building Committee is accountable and empowered toact as enabled by the Executive Church Board, and the Church Body in Church BusinessSession.



     The Church Clerk, like every other church officer, is a ministering servant of God. The ministry to which a person is calledwhen he or she becomes a Church Clerk involves the responsibilities, to: maintain the official church roll and list of church officers and committees, and provide membership reports to the local conference office; exercise confidentiality with church membership information; handle correspondence between individuals seeking church membership transfers and the churches with which the transfer is being made; establish the agenda, record and maintain official records of Executive Church Board and Church Business meetings; maintain efficiency in computer use for electronic recording of church membership and sending required statistical data to the conference; have access to and process, as needed, church legal documents; assist with baptismal ceremonies to ensure baptismal candidates are acknowledged; prepare and sign certificates for persons being baptized or making a profession of faith. In conjunction with the Church Secretary, the clerk ensures that certificates of Baby Dedications are prepared and provided.

     The support provided by Church Clerk Assistants is crucial to the smooth and consistent operation of the work of the clerk, which includes: reading church announcements during Divine worship services; assisting the pastors by receiving and processing requests obtained during the worship appeal; maintaining statistical records of Crusades and Evangelistic meetings; assisting as needed during baptismal ceremonies, and Church Board/Business meetings.



The position of the Office Administrator is a very special ministry and important in a church setting. She is on the front lines of this ministry and is one of the very first person(s) the public sees and talks to. She is a reflection of the church and should always keep this as an honor and reflect as such.


Sheryl Freitas